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Advice for having a sober month?

Good morning! I am having a Sober September. Just to see if I can do it and to see if I feel better without it, basically. I’m not a heavy drinker by any means, but I am used to drinking pretty frequently (like a glass of wine or 2 beers several nights a week with dinner). I’ve never purposefully taken a whole month without having any drinks before and it is hard! I’ve resisted temptation several times so far but the downside is I’m finding I am snacking a lot more in the evenings to compensate, especially on sugary things which is bad because I have terrible teeth and sugar is my enemy. Anyone done a sober month before? Was it worth it? Have any tips?

So far all I’ve noticed is my face seems to have lost a bit of puffiness and I am having a lot of headaches which makes me wonder if maybe I am a little dependent on the alcohol :(


eta - should I TW this? like for alcohol-related stuff? I’m not sure if it needs it but if anyone thinks I should I’m happy to!

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