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Welcome To The Bitchery

Advice for Online Courses in Econ and French?

Bonjour GT! I’m finally looking at applying to grad schools, and am finding that I need to do some coursework before I can apply. I need to find a micro and macro econ course (i.e. one separate course in each) and an intensive French language program. I have to be able to demonstrate high proficiency. I have five years of French under my belt, but haven’t used it in about another five. So while I could manage if I went to a French-speaking country, I definitely could not take a class or read a text in French (verb tenses went out the window long ago).

These classes can be from any accredited university, including online. Does anyone have any experience taking one-off courses for credit? Or with finding intensive language classes? I’m in the D.C. area, if that helps. There’s just SO MUCH out there that doing a simple Google search is pretty overwhelming.


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