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Advice for sick kitteh? Gross talk -

My cutie and 12-year companion is having a barf / diarrhea fest. I haven't changed up her food at all, except for maaaaaybe giving her a little too much milk last week - but she usually doesn't have a problem digesting milk. I know some cats do; mine doesn't. usually. But I haven't given her milk for several days, and the barf / poo fest is ongoing. When she's not barfing she seems her normal self for the most part - was very frisky last night, wanting to play as usual. Although... actually she's maybe a little more subdued this morning than usual. She came to get her pats, but she's not ALL UP IN MAH FACE like usual.

The barf is almost the same consistency as the diarrhea - watery. She does usually barf when she's got a bad hairball, so maybe she's got a monster hairball stuck in her that won't come out?

Should I take away her food for the time being? Take her to the vet?

She hates hates hates the hairball remedy stuff you buy at the store - is there a home alternative I could use that she might actually ingest? She hates people food, except for milk, chiz (tiny tiny pieces, I tell you!) and meats and obviously fishies. She never goes outside.


Poor kitteh! She makes this really sad meow when she has to barf, and then licks her chops as the bile is rising, and it's so sad! Poor kitteh!

And also poor me with tons of barf in the carpet to clean and - OHMIGOD the litterbox smell is toxic. Like singes the nose hairs / have to leave the room toxic.

Also, going to work & super duper meetings, so I might not be able to check in / respond for a while but any help is appreciated!

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