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Advice for When Your Partner Keeps Going Off the Diet?

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So Cardinal Alexander and I went on a trip last month and he made it clear ahead of time that since he'd never been to London before, he wanted to try the food, our low carb diet be damned. I was cool with this and joined him once or twice, but mostly stayed on plan.


The problem is that it seems like he's having a hard time getting back on the wagon. He snacks on carb-y foods at parties and apparently had a bunch of the cookies he'd brought back for his office. I've abstained.

We went on this diet together, and obviously we're buying our groceries together, but the last time this happened we both went off the diet and gained 50-60 pounds, which is why we're now back on it. We know this works, we know we seriously cannot handle sugar and processed foods.


I don't know if I can/should speak to him about trying to re-commit to the diet for both our sakes, or if I should just leave it and let him make his own decisions and just focus on me.

Anyone been in a similar situation?

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