Hey all, PhillipKVagina and I have decided to join forces and start a weekly advice column here on this here lovely Group of Thinks!

First, thoughts on the name? We think it’s funny, but we had also been (well, I had been, I dunno about t’other half of this equation) imbibing delicious wine when we came up with it.

Also, we will be coming up with a better image that we’ll use on all posts from here on in. This is just the beginning of a great thing, folks!


Now, how are we going to do this you ask? Every Monday, we’re going to ask people to post questions or problems or really just whatever the fuck you require advice about. Then, on Friday, one of us will answer. We shall switch off, so as to be equitable, though we will likely both chime in in the comment sections. Each week we will be taking THREE of the questions post - no more, and no less - and answering them as honestly as possible. You know us, there will likely be snark. If you do a stupid thing and you ask if it was a stupid thing we’re going to tell you it was a stupid thing. But hey, sometimes that’s just what you need to hear! Yes it was a stupid thing but you know what, we all do stupid things! We will do our very best to answer as accurately as we can. If it’s a topic neither of us knows well, we may ask for recommendations on background information.

We will ALSO do our best to make sure one person doesn’t have questions answered every damn week. But that said, we are firm on the THREE QUESTIONS rule, and we have absolute decision making power when it comes to which three we answer. This isn’t intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, or play favorites, or any of that bullshit, and if your question doesn’t get answered please feel free to post it again. We just have limited time and question-answering resources, and want to give good answer to three rather than shitty answers to twenty every week.


But we are not here to pander to your feelings, or just give you the answer you want to hear. If you did/said a shitty thing, we’re not going to shy away from that - and that’s not a reflection on YOU, at all, please remember that. I just want that to be clear from the outset - you may not *like* the answers we give you, but we’re coming from a place of honesty and caring and a genuine desire to help. Abuse or troll-like behavior will not be tolerated. Particularly bad puns *should* be punished but I love puns so they’ll be rewarded. Excellent use of gifs will be applauded. And if you did a shitty thing but we have some suggestions to try and make it better? We’re gonna share that! Not even Jesus was free of shitty behavior - if you believe my Biblical History teacher he was actually something of a Major Asshole! If you have a question that’s just silly-ridiculous, we will answer in the same vein. We want this to be fun, but also a place where people can come to get advice on things they may not be super proud of with no fear of judgement or condemnation (Unless you’re a serial rapist murderer. We will condemn the fuck out of that.), and everything in between.

Does that make sense? Are we all on the same page? Okay, cool.

Let’s play! Ask away! Since I was bad at life (in my defense I was packing up my fine china this evening *sniffs haughtily*) I posted this pretty late, so I’ll re-post in the morning and we will be accepting questions through tomorrow.