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Advice given and taken

Do you need advice? Post it here! Have advice to give? Post it here too! I’ll start:

Advice to the masses: I have really long hair that I curl every day. I discovered recently that wrapping my hair around the curling iron (see photo) rather than clamping the bottom and then wrapping makes a huge difference - my hair looks wavy instead of preciously curled, and it’s really great. The problem is that it takes forever. I just discovered that if I use curlers this same way, I get the exact same wavy effect. This has saved a ton of time in my morning!!!


Advice needed: One of my colleagues has been emitting a really horrible smell lately. Her breath smells like rotting fish and she emits a really bad smell from her body. It’s so strong that even when we are outside, I can still smell it (of note: I have a very very strong sense of smell). It’s so bad, I can barely tolerate being around her. Would you say something? I’m assuming it’s possibly related to a health issue, but obviously have no way of knowing.

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