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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have an assignment due tonight for my online Stats class and I'm having a bit of a problem: it's only supposed to be one page long, but I can't possibly answer all the questions in one page. I never have a problem hitting the assigned page requirements, this is so weird, the assignment description itself is longer than one page!

I've already edited every sentence and removed every extraneous word, what do I do? I'll have to have one paragraph on a second page to answer everything. My instinct says that I should err on the side of completing the assignment, even though he did say "please" about the one page limit and I know teachers don't like it when you go over. I emailed him, but I don't expect a response (it is due today... I've kind of had a few weeks to do this...).


This is such a bizarre assignment, it doesn't even need to be in "narrative" form, we can use bullets... is this even college? There's a one page limit, but he wants a cover page and numbered pages. Do they not make you paragraph on the other side of the science divide (I did social science the first time around)? What's with the randomness? I feel like this assignment is more about formatting Microsoft Word than statistics! Please help.

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