Well, seeing as I have a shitload of work to do for tomorrow, what better time to procrastinate and think about how to get richer than this fine Sunday evening?

Here's my basic question: I have about $10-15K that I would like to invest in some low-risk, not super long term (I would probably want access to it in a couple of years?) something or other. I currently have most of it killing time in the lowest yield CD ever (basically earning like 85 cents per year or something - I don't know, it might really just be a savings account, ugh) and I want to actually earn some money.

Here's the issue/a side-rant: no one ever told me anything very useful about money, except how to be frugal/clip coupons/sniff out deals. Maybe because I was a girl, I feel like my mom and grandma gave me an excellent home-finances type of education, but absolutely no information about how to make my money grow. Now my dad and grandpa, both of whom were quite savvy about this type of thing (well, within our limited means) are dead, and so we are all clueless together. (All of this also holds true about cars, which also makes me very indignant.)

So, what should I do? Also interested in resources that might help someone very intimidated by money. Yes, I would totally read a pink, sparkly, Money for Girls book โ€” that's actually the level I'm talking about.