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Advice needed

So, I posted a month ago about a best friend not being a friend anymore. Well... I am at a juncture where I want to be a passive-aggressive butthead back to her. Long story short, we have been best friends for 9 years. And we really have had each others backs. Then I got pregnant and married very quickly. She became kind of mean towards me because she had her own fertility issues. She acted like I didn't have a real wedding because I didn't send of invitations or plan it for a long time. She didn't even get me a wedding gift. And then she gave me a rattle and a hat for a baby gift. And I did appreciate it at the time. But, now that she is pregnant she expects people to buy her practical gifts. I explained to her that lots of people buy off the registry so go to a place with a good return policy. And she said, that might of happened to you because you didn't have a shower or register but considering I will register for my shower, people will buy off the registry. I was fuming. she also came to my house at almost 9pm when I said that after saying leaving at 7pm was too late because we have to start the nightly routine. she just ignored my text messages about rescheduling. Frankly, I don't want to continue the friendship because her values are super different than mine now. She used to be such a kind hearted person and now she is bitter and inflexible. She invited me to her baby shower and I said I probably cannot go because it is 1.5 hours away with 3 hours roundtrip and my husband gets up at 5am for work the next day. SHe had a fit. I want to send her a rattle and hat with a card just to give a passive aggressive jab to her. What should I do? Should I confront her? Or just let it slow fade out and not speak to her again?


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