So I read the article in the MP

And it scared me a bit. I walk to work, and everyday on the walk I get catcalled. I’ve started yelling and lecturing, bc tired. But there is one situation I’m not sure what to do.


I see a man on a bike quite often. He tends to ride the sidewalk bc it’s a fucked up street that prob is not awesome to ride on. Fine. Holler “left!”- I’ll scoot over to the side and let you pass. About two weeks ago, he did that, I moved, and when I got to the corner, he was waiting for me. He shoves a paper at me, and babes out- “I see you all the time and want you to have it. It’s me phone number.” Now, he was obviously nervous, so I didn’t feel immediately threatened. I told him I was married, he apologized, said he couldn’t see my ring (I tend to wear fingerless gloves), said thank you for being nice (?) and rode away.

That all e would be fine. I still don’t think approaching women on the streets is awesome, bit as a whole the experience wasn’t that bad. He didn’t trail me, or call me names, or anything. But we still run into each other on the street and he rides slowly next to me, at first trying to make small talk, then telling me I’m so beautiful, he just wanted me to know, blab blah blah. It’s happened 3 times since he tried to give me his number. I’d like to make it stop, but I’m afraid he will flip on me (we all know the Atwood quote). I don’t have an alternate way of getting to work. This guy is massive, which while not his fault, is intimidating. I’ve tried alluding to my husband, hurrying saying I’m late for work, but so far he still feels the need to strike up a convo. On the one hand, he seems nice enough (as in not being overtly threatening- no name calling, no threats of violence), but in the other DONT FUCKING BOTHER WOMEN WHO ARE TEYING TO GO ABOUT THEIR DAYS. I don’t care if you are lonely, or “just being friendly”- it's creepy. Go away.

So Hivemind, how do I make this guy buzz off? He will lose interest soon, right?