Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So my weekend gig, because I don’t have enough jobs, is assistant manager/barista at this indie coffee house/cafe. The servers are super young. I am the only grown up.

There is one girl in particular, she’s 15/16 and I can’t with her. She thinks she’s the boss, and tries to do her job and mine. And she likes to give me notes on my performance and answer questions I never asked her. She also likes to tell me every small thought that comes through her head like it’s a revelation. Example: look at this ketchup on my hand. I smiled at that four yr old and they gave me a hug. And she’s pretty much alienated all her peers at the coffee shop.


Now a huge part of me gets it. She’s soooo young. And she has this job she’s stacking her money, I don’t want to hate on her little grown woman steeze. She feels grown she wants to act grown, but I’m her superior. And I don’t want her to act against those instincts to be bossy. Girls should be bossy, that’s a good thing, but I also want her to get along with her peers. And I don’t want to feel aggravated every time I look at her.

Help me gt family. What do I do?

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