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Welcome To The Bitchery

In a couple of weeks, I leave for China. I don’t have a ton of experience with international travel (went to Europe in High School and Montreal more recently - and that’s it!). I’m super nervous about the flight bc I don’t tolerate long flights well at all - I have super long legs and am not petite generally, so it’s just uncomfy. I’ll load up devices with things to read and watch - what are other tips?

I keep aiming to learn some Mandarin - but things have been incredibly hectic, and I haven’t done so. I feel super badly about that — although we are on a river cruise, so we will largely be with tour guides. I’m trying to put some important phrases in my phone (like about needing vegetarian food) to help. I plan to download offline translators and maps. I’ve tried finding apps that just teach you travel-related phrases, but those don’t seem to exist? Plus the challenge is that if you don’t pronounce things correctly, you could be saying something *completely* different.


My mom is bringing adapters. I got luggage locks and got a belt thingy to carry my passport in.

I’m having a heck of a time finding good walking shoes. I’m looking for cute *flat* boots with some ankle support that will go with black tights and cute dresses bc that is how I dress! (My mentor keeps trying to push me to buy travel clothes that are jersey, mixable, black, etc. — but I feel *not me* in clothes like that.) I may try to go to the Doc Martens store to check out their chelsea boots, but would prefer something cheaper. I went to DSW yesterday and had no luck.

We hit the ground running almost immediately upon arriving in Beijing, so am hoping that helps with jetlag.

Any advice is more than welcome!!

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