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Advice needed: Friends of the kid + manners

It’s a teacher’s workday, so the kids are home. The girl had a sleepover last night, so she and her friend are running around in their PJs, half-feral from being out of school for over a week due to snow.

So, wee bit of an advice request: The friend (8) that’s upstairs is, well, rude, and not just in that way that uptight older people think that children are heathens if they speak above a whisper. She’s snarky and quick to insult adults in the room, or the things they’re currently engaged in. If she dislikes something (especially something you spent time or money on for her), you will hear about it, loudly, and at length. I like a kid with spunk, but man, she’s beginning to grate.


I think she’s going through a hard time, which is why it’s gotten really bad in the past few months. Her parents are splitting but have to live together for at least a year, so things are very tense. I also think that both parents are now falling over themselves to indulge her to make up for it. The combination is resulting in behavior that’s really hard to tolerate with a smile.

I feel like I have to do SOMETHING, because it almost came to a head this weekend with Mr. Cunning. She was snotty to him, and I could tell that he was about to tell the poor girl to pound sand and never come back, which would devastate both the girl and my daughter.

I won’t tell my daughter that she can’t have her over (I won’t kick a kid when she’s down, ffs, and my daughter adores her). Going to the girl’s parents is something I hesitate to do because I don’t think getting in the middle of it would help (I’m sure that each one would say that it’s the OTHER parent’s fault, and I am not their therapist). I’d like to have a talk with her about appropriate behavior in our house, but is that stepping over the line?

BRB, need to go thank my son for never asking to have his friends over and therefore allowing me to avoid this situation until now.

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