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Advice needed from those with spawns or caretakers

My 14 month old daughter will only really eat food if she is standing up and cruising along the coach while I sit on it and feed her. If she is in my lap or in the highchair, there is a 75% chance she will reject food. I am trying not to get stressed out about her eating. If she cries in the highchair, I am trying to just ignore it, give no reaction and continue to try to feed her. Every meal is turning into a major stress case for me. I know I can't feed her while she is standing up and walking due to choking hazards... but man am I tempted. And she only like diary... I swear between the amount milk and cheese she intakes, she is 50% cow.

Advice? I know I asked for advice on this a month ago... Not much progress has happened!


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