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Welcome To The Bitchery

So my parents are moving into a new neighborhood in the same town in September. I'm also moving with them because I'm living at home my first year of school to save money. Anyway, this is a new neighborhood. As in, our house is still being built. It's also more of a community than a neighborhood. About 2 weeks ago, my mom attended a meeting at the neighborhood and met a lady that was currently living there. She mentioned that she had a son my age (22-23) who was going to grad school in another state, and since their family was new to the area (and state) and had just moved there, he wanted to meet people his age in this town. To do this, he was planning to have a small social at his house for people our age in this community to get to know each other and had sent emails to people mentioning the purpose of this social and whatnot.

So my mom told me about it and forwarded his email that his mom sent out. I guess to some people, it might be weird for this guy to be doing this, but I understand—he's new and would like to meet people in this area that he's not even from. I was kinda hesitant to go because meh, I'm a bit shy and also didn't want to be like the only person there.


But anyway, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to drop by, so I sent an email to him RSVPing to this social a week ago. I haven't received a response. This social is in a few days. I'm positive the email address I sent it to is correct. Maybe it went to his junk mail? But should I email again? I kind of think it's rude of him not to respond in this situation. I don't want to go if I don't get a response, you know? Basically, I'm just asking you all what I should do.

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