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Advice Needed - Should I tell my mom about my PPD?

I'm undecided as to what to do about my mother. A part of me thinks it's important that I let her know that I'm going thru PPD and that it is a big reason she needs to think before she speaks and cut me some slack more often. On the other hand, I really worry that she will blow it out of proportion or take it as a sign that I cannot handle being a mom. My husband thinks I need to tell her because my step father confided in him that my mom was put on anti-depressants but went off them because she was gaining weight (how sad is that?!) so she will understand what I'm going thru. But here's the thing, she never seems to understand about anything that we share a common experience in. We're going on another mall outing with Baby Haa and we have a 45 minute drive to get there and I was thinking about bringing it up then. What do you all think? What would you do? Has anyone dealt with an unsupportive parent and being successful at asking for support?

Otherwise today was a rough day. I spent as much time as possible upstairs, claiming I needed to pump, "taking a nap", and then I had a follow up appointment with my OB. She felt that I seemed to be in much better spirits and reiterated that I could quit anytime. I told her I wasn't ready and didn't want to quit. I had a bad day with breast feeding/pumping. She only nursed once. I was too depressed to try to feed her and I only managed to pump one full bottle of breast milk. I had a horrible time pumping today. I was getting 1 oz at a time and that was from both sides. It was awful. I felt really dejected. This led me to spending the entire night hiding upstairs in my walk in closet, hate reading google results for "I feel ashamed I can't breast feed".


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