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Advice Needed: Throwing a Dog Birthday Party

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Mere days ago, I recognized a strong, internal desire to throw a party before myself and the Mr. leave for a three-week vacation. That was my first mistake. As his birthday is this month, I originally started to plan and invite people to a party for him. It was also my dog's birthday party, so I threw that in for good measure in the FB invite as a bit of a joke. Somehow, this morphed into a sad plea from him, wherein he stated "I really don't want a party, can this just be the pup's birthday party?"


This has led to a difficult situation for me; instead of throwing a birthday party for my adult partner, I am now throwing a birthday party for....my dog. So I changed the name, wondering if I could just cancel, but NOPE, 13 people have already "excitedly" rsvp'ed (including the BF, who was very upset by a human bday party possibility but is now gung-ho about.....this).

So now I have to throw my three year old, weirdly-grumpy but people lovin' pit bull a birthday party, indoors, in two weeks. And I need advice! How can I do this without it devolving into something weird and sad and shameful? I am all for making it fun and tongue-in-cheek re: the ridiculousness of the theme, but don't know where to begin....thoughts? Ideas? This is worse than that time I got invited to a 90's dance party at a goth club, HOW DO I NAVIGATE THIS!?

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