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I need advice on what to pay a good friend for hair services. I’m getting maternity pictures taken this afternoon and to feel extra pretty I asked my good girlfriend if she would do my hair. I told her not to worry if it didn’t work out because she is standing up in our friends’ wedding tomorrow so I understood if she was needed back home (home being about an hour and a half away). She insisted on making it work because she wanted me to feel as beautiful as I am (her words what a sweetheart!) and is meeting me halfway this afternoon at another friend’s place.

I want to offer her some money as I don’t think she’ll charge me but I am clueless as to how much. I’m not asking for anything too crazy. My hair is straight but tends to frizz in high humidity so I just want her to make it not frizz, give it some lose bouncy curls and put it up in a side pony tail that I can take out and have it still look good. I was thinking of giving her $30 but I honestly have no idea if that would be insulting. A quick look at what other salons in our area charge for hair styling is between $30 and $50. Appreciate the advice!


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