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Advice on baby names

So Mr. Haa and I have been cracking down on this whole naming the baby thing the last couple weeks and I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with somewhat unique but not crazy names for our daughter due in September. We’re holding our options open until we meet our little bundle but I want to have several good names at the ready. I came across a name I really like this morning and Mr. Haa seems to like it too. But I need to know whether or not I should just give it up now and toss the name out. A girl who I roomed with my sophomore year of college (with 2 other girls) ended up having a baby 3 years ago and she named her daughter this name I’m thinking of. I would spell it slightly different (adding an “h” to the end) but it’s a fairly unique name. Anyways I don’t keep in contact with her and she moved across the state, but we are facebook friends so it’s not like she wouldn’t find out. Am I over thinking this too much?

I personally don’t think it should be that big of a deal. But maybe because I had a very common name growing up, both first and last. In fact my high school class of 200 had 2 of us with the same first and last name. Luckily we went by different nicknames so it wasn’t that bad but the school was always mixing us up. Would any of you think anything of a girl you knew in college naming their kid the same name as one of yours?


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