This is what I was actually intending to ask you guys about today, before my period came on and I ended up a wailing, cramping mess. Thank you for the sympathy by the way!

So partly because I was sick of my roots (and not keen to damage my hair by dyeing it) and partly because I was sick of shredding as much hair as a husky, I cut off loads of my hair the other day. It's now in between my ears and my chin, whereas before it was down to my boobs.

Thing doesn't suit me at ALL. I haven't cared thus far because the boyfriend doesn't give a shit, it's SUPER easy to wash now (seriously, it takes like one minute to wash!), and it doesn't get trapped in my coat/scarf/under my handbag, etc.

Problem is, tonight we are going out to see friends for the first time, and I am kind of dreading it. Everyone is going to do the "wow you cut your hair!" thing (I'm equally guilty when other people get a hair cut), and I'm feeling a bit self conscious. It will probably look better when I've lost a bit of weight (which tends to go to my face) or when it's a couple of inches longer, but those aren't feasible in the next five hours.

I have no idea how to style it to make it nicer (how do you even style hair that short) and it's too short to tie back.


Short of buying a balaclava, do you guys have any advice?


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