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Advice on grounding techniques?

[ETA: Not the parenting kind!]

I've seen a few people mention grounding techniques here before, so I thought I'd crowd-source - does anyone know a technique/routine/mantra/anything that they'd like to share? I am having some troubles bringing myself... into myself right now, and I would appreciate the help. I find grounding techniques or mindfulness techniques can really help when you're spiraling and reinforcing your own anxieties and getting really wrapped up in things that aren't happening here, or now - for me, at least. I need to calm down and get more in the moment and stop being so anxious.

I had a counselor once who taught me a great grounding technique with pressure points on the body, but I forgot the name and lost the sheet she gave me - it had like 12 steps, and was too complicated for me to remember, but it was really effective. I've already had a nice bath, but I'm still having trouble coming back to my own brain and my body and the present. I'm just feeling really anxious about very very stupid minor things, but knowing they're stupid and minor isn't doing the trick.


Any recommendations would be appreciated! I am going to turn off the internet soon (internet = emails and notifications from negative discussions, not helpful here) but I will hang around for a bit - if you see this later and have advice, please still share. I have been meaning to ask this for a while, I just need it more than usual tonight.

Image source and the associated spiritual grounding guide here, illustrated by Katana Leigh!

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