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I can't provide a link since I'm writing with my phone. There was this great article shared on GT that explained that lower-class people ( namely African Americans) spent a lot of money on luxury goods as a survival tactic. They needed to present as Rich in order to get respect when dealing with people in higher positions of social power(government, school administration, etc.)
In a bout of curiosity, I read some articles giving advice on how to appear rich.It had a lot of spot-on advice.Some of the advice, however, was a bit classist and were explained in a way that really ragged on those considered lower class. One would think that poor people chose not to dress well or buy the "wrong" things.I know from experience that what's considered "classy" is a socialized behavior that requires a certain price bracket.Furthermore, the actions of the lower classes are done just as much by the higher classes, but it's always considered a fluke instead of a matter of taste when someone rich does it.
What has your experience been reading advice on how to appear "rich" ? Am I being too sensitive over this?Let's start this week thinking!

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