I just got the word that I’ve got to leave my wonderful New York City apartment and life of four years and move to Albany for at least the next two years. I’m hopeful that the position will open up good things for me career-wise, but I was just starting to feel truly settled into my place and routines in the city that this is a big jolt (even though I’ve been expecting the news since basically January).

Does anyone know anything about life in Albany for a late-twenties girl? My job is down by the state capitol (Dept. of Parks & Rec.), I own a car (currently housing it at my parents’ place in Virginia). My schedule leading up to being there is really packed, stressful and not conducive to moving across the state while remaining sane (I take the bar in two states at the end of July and leave immediately after for a three-week backpacking trip in Montana, arriving back two weeks before my first day of work).

Help me not panic about this. The stress of leaving my friends and life in the city, plus the stress of moving on my insane schedule, plus the stress of studying for the bar is making me cry everytime I think about this even though I am genuinely excited for the job opportunity. (I also didn’t get any sleep last night, which probably isn’t helping!)

In thanks, here is a picture of the adorable puppy I’ll be leaving behind when I make this move. (Not abandoning, she just belongs to my roommate, not me.)