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Advice on teaching English abroad?

This post is not about me (NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME, OKAY??); I'm posting on behalf of a friend. I'll be sending her a link to this, so please don't bring up that one thing I told you guys about. You know the one. Anyway, here's La Femminista Nikita:

What does one do when they're broken-hearted? Run away!

Okay, I'm not running away. But, it's high time I started kicking up sand again.

I was initially planning on volunteering in the fall in Thailand and then I thought that I might want to be there longer than two weeks. But, that'll conflict with a job. So, I should quit my job and spend even longer in Bangkok. But, wait, I don't want to take out yet another loan, so I guess I should figure out how to get paid to leave my life here in Twin Cities, store my bake-ware collection and quilts at my mother's, and head out into the world. So, here I am: Researching different TEFL programs.


I'm not the first person to do this so I would love advice from the wiser & more experienced:

What programs in the Twin Cities or online would you recommend to become certified in teaching English?

Which teaching/work programs/orgs would you praise and which would you warn against?

Have you taught/traveled in that part of the world and what are you glad you did and what do you wish you had known before that would have made the experience better/more affordable?



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