Unbeknownst to us, Mr. Waffle and I have taken on a boarder. It isn't a big deal, really; she's quiet and willing to work in return for her share of the rent. Her name is Lurlene, but I don't know much else about her.

She startled me this morning when I went to shower and she was already in the bathroom. She excused herself and got out of the way very quickly. We came to an arrangement very quickly that she could be in there with me as long as she didn't get in the shower with me. She was fine with that; I think she's more the bath type anyway.

My only concern is her having full run of the apartment. She's smallish and quiet, but I don't want to find her hanging out in my closet or in my food, you know? She's really easy to lose track of. I'm also concerned that Floyd or Norma will attack her. Norma's typically quite shy, but she does have a mean streak. Floyd has a fair amount of feral cat in him, despite being a huge cuddlebug. I don't want anyone to get hurt.


Any tips for accommodating our houseguest? I'm sure her stay is temporary, but I'd like to help her out as it can be tough out there for a single woman.

Oh yeah, Lurlene is a spider.