About two months ago I let everyone in on my saga at work and my company dropping my department from 3 people to just me (here and here). I was ensured that my work load should not increase too much, although there would be an increase. I was pretty much fine with this, I certainly don't mind change. However, in the two months since, I haven't stopped a second. My workload not only increased, but it seems to be more than what the 2 or 3 of us did before. I'm feeling extremely exhausted and overworked. And very very stressed out. Basically, if I don't do my job well, a lot of other people in my company could lose theirs. It's an incredibly stressful position to be in, but I do well with it and I'm usually incredibly positive about the work. But there are a lot of nights when I cannot turn my brain off and just lay awake in bed. While last year at this time the people I work with and I may have had 2-3 different projects each, right now I'm currently work over a dozen.

I'm doing what I can to try to make it better, and one thing I'm thinking is that I'd like to ask for a raise. My company gives a yearly raise and bonus at the end of December, and I did get a cost of living raise and bonus at that time. During this period, I was one of three, and that didn't change until the end of May, so clearly my raise didn't take into account that I was going to be the only one. And the raise and bonus amount allotted for our department was split between the three of us.


I checked online for similar jobs in my area and what their salaries are. There wasn't anything exactly the same, but comparable jobs to mine are showing a much higher median pay (as in, I'm below the 10% line). I was certainly okay with the salary when I accepted the job, it's more than I've ever made before, and I'm not struggling for money. However, I do feel that the company is saving quite a bit of money by not replacing the employee in the same position with the same salary as me, along with not replacing the person who was our supervisor who made way more. I don't feel that a raise is too much to be asking for.

So how do I ask for it? I get extremely uncomfortable asking for things and I'm dreading having to do so! Also, I want to make sure that if I ask for a raise and get one now, that I'm still rewarded at the end of the year for my performance and considered along with the other employees for raises and bonuses. I feel like asking for a raise now is in direct relation to the increase in work and my ability to step up to the plate, and my yearly raise at the end of the year is to serve as a performance increase. I want to make sure that these are seen as distinctive.

Any advice is welcome!