I’m heading to bed here shortly so I probably won’t be up and responding to replies, but I’d appreciate a bit of outside perspective and/or some ideas on more easy high protein snacks.

If I were someone else looking at my caloric intake I’d be concerned that I wasn’t eating enough even though I’m eating to satiety, generally balanced and nutritious foods (if a bit on the higher fat intake) and not exactly dropping pounds or anything.

I’m not particularly strict about it (because strict calorie counting makes me very uncomfortable), but I’ve been tracking my macronutrient intake generally. (Mostly to try to make sure I’m getting something close to the amount of protein I’ve been recommended to eat because I do weight training.) I can have a habit of forgetting to eat, but I’ve mostly been eating regularly (well except on Sundays sometimes), with reasonably balanced macronutrients. For instance today, I had eggs with a bit of spinach and chorizo for breakfast, a decent plate of meat and vegetables for lunch, a snack, a pre-gym protein shake, and a smoothie for dinner (because I didn’t feel like cooking after coming back from the gym). Sounds pretty good. But then I added everything up and the numbers came back to “that does not look healthy”. Maybe I should have had a larger dinner or another snack, but I’m not feeling hungry.

I don’t feel that I have a disordered relationship to food. I get fed up with cooking and sometimes default to stuff that I can be lazy with, but that’s another matter. I am eating high protein / low G.I. partially because of the weight training, partially because it’s been recommended for PCOS. But, I realize that not eating enough is not healthy and can mess with your metabolism. I’m just a bit stumped currently on how to improve what I’m doing aside from eating another big meal when I don’t feel hungry or snacking constantly when I don’t feel hungry . . . neither of which things sound like great ideas.

Am I getting too hung up on the number of calories I’m eating in the reverse-to-expected way? Or do you think I’m right to be concerned?


I’m now munching on some cheese before bed, because I need to eat more so the obvious solution is cheese!