TW suicide. (Ideation)

My MiL texted around 1:30 am when we were asleep that my husband’s brother is in the psych ward for suicidal ideation. He is 17 and autistic, and suffers from depression. My husband is trying to work out the logistics to see if he should go up there (hard to figure out if a visit will be more or less stressful on his family). I personally think his brother would very much appreciate the visit, even if MiL acts stressed. I’m like, stay in a hotel and be there for your brother (he and his mom have a strained relationship).

I texted SiL to hopefully get some fair and balanced reporting.

I want to send a care package or something, I just don’t know what happens in a psych ward and what it’s like right now for all of them. I lightly asked my MiL what she needed from us and she said nothing so I’m not going to push it on her.

Ugh. Any insight here??

ETA want to clarify that I understand ideation is not the same as an attempt - just alarming nevertheless. Poor kid in the hospital with all his anxieties and issues breaks my heart.


ETA2 II wish I could talk to BiL because if I was like “do you need or want anything from us?” he'd be like, "yes: a neck pillow and something to read and candy and...."