Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Advice Solicitation Post

Anything you need advice on, ask away. Our collective brainpower is immense here. Here’s mine.

1) I made some tostadas for dinner, and then realized after I had eaten them that the shredded cheese had molded in the bag. How worried should I be? For the record, I think this is no big deal since I am of the “eh, cut off the mold” mentality with block cheese, but I’m not so sure about the shredded stuff.


2) My right bicep has been killing me all week. I’ve been massaging the bicep, but it hasn’t really helped much. I realized about 15 minutes ago that I have a nasty lactic acid knot right where my clavicle meets my shoulder socket. It’s huge, basically like a baby carrot in shape and size. This is probably the source of my bicep pain, right? How the fuck do I get this smaller? I’m used to dealing with knots in muscles, this location sucks. It just rolls around instead of breaking up when I press on it.


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