Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Asking for advice on a couple of problems! Feel free to ask for advice too!

1) I mentioned in an open thread that we moved in to our new house on Tuesday! Yay! The real Cricket the cat has been hiding on top of the ductwork in the basement pretty well ever since. Boo! She’s been coming down to eat and drink and use her box, so no physical health concerns. And she’s ventured upstairs a couple of times, and even came and sat on my lap in the living room for a bit this afternoon, though she randomly hissed (but not at me?) once while she was sitting on my lap. So progress is being made, but I’m just looking for advice on how to help her feel better/be less scared. Or, if that’s not possible, on how to be less sad that my cat is upset.


2) Several stressful events, as well as the shitty eating habits that have gone hand in hand with them, have left me with breakouts for the last several months. I didn’t really have acne as a teenager, but now that I’m almost 30 I’m having lots of hormonal acne on my chin and forehead. I’ve been using Paula’s Choice salicylic acid, which seems to be helping a bit, and I’m also going to try Differin. Any other suggestions (other than be less stressed or eat better, neither of which are going to happen right now)?

Thanks, pals!

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