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Advice? (Trivial)

To my big brothers, sisters, and non-binary individuals on GT, I have a question about etiquette around contacting someone post-date.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I had a really really good date last Friday. It was super fun and there was rising physical contact (very welcome) through the evening, culminating in a kiss (more than one kiss really, but we were in public so it's not like we were making out) when we went our separate ways at the end of the night. He initiated the kiss, but I was definitely into it.

Post-date: I texted the next night to say that I had a good time, and he responded in kind and said he couldn't get my favorite song (it was a free concert for a band I kind of liked) out of his head. The next day (Sunday), I texted again to say hey and invite him out with my friends, since we were drinking in the general vicinity of his apartment. He was sick and couldn't make it out, but said he would have loved to go out and thanked me for the invite. He hasn't texted since. I feel like since I invited him to something most recently and was the one to initiate both text conversations, I should let him make the next move. One of my girlfriends agrees.


Normally I don't think too hard about this kind of thing — I generally have a "give no fucks" attitude about first dates, but I had a really fucking good time and I have some pretty high hopes. I normally don't kiss on a first date and I thought it was a good kiss! I really want a second date!

So...So, here's my question: Should I text him again this weekend if I don't hear back? Should I take the hint and assume he's not interested, if he hasn't texted? He kissed me, dammit!

Caveat: We figured out really quickly the first night we talked (Tinder match) that text messages don't always go through between our phones. It took a few tries to get a text to my number from his, so maybe he's texted and it just never went through? It's happened a few times to both of us.

Help me GT! You're my only hope... What do I do?

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