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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Advice? (TW: Trivial)

So, I have been incredibly horny for the past four days or so. I have a pretty high sex drive, and now that I'm single, masturbating isn't cutting it when I was having sex 3+ times each week.

I am at home, so my dating life is kind of on hold for about ten days, until I go back to school for the new semester. But there is a guy who I have a history with, we've flirted around each other for a long time. It seemed like he was nosing around and interested before boyfriend and I broke up, but he's backed off completely since the breakup. I'm not sure if it's because he had surgery recently and just hasn't been physically in a good place or if it's because he's afraid I'm looking for a relationship with him (I'm not).


So, here's the deal. Within the last year, he has made it clear that he is at least physically interested in me. I am in need of physical attention. Should I blatantly just ask if he wants to be friends with benefits? (ETA: He's really bad about answering messages at all, so I just am hesitant to ask because I hate to be "needy" since I tend to initiate contact in recent months...)

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