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Advice? (TW: Violence, death)




This will be deleted eventually.

I need to be vague, but a relative of a friend got into a shootout with police earlier today. He was shot twice. My friend was telling me how worried she was about his mental health just last week. I just met him a few days ago.


It looks like he died a little while ago (no one else was hurt.) I feel so bad for my friend right now. When I last spoke to her, it looked like would be okay and she was almost relieved that he would be forced to get help with his mental illness. I read that he died on the news, even though all reports were saying that he was expected to survive. It’s just so surreal and sad, it also happened not far from where we were at the time.

We haven’t been friends for very long, so I am unsure what I can do to help. They have had some serious political fights lately and she was thinking about cutting contact, but she still must be going through hell right now.

Her relative said and did many terrible things, but my friend is truly a good person.

How can I support her?

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