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Advise me, GT! How Upset Can I Be About This?

First, Ralph Wiggum, ladies and gentlement:

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So Mr. PKB plays in a band that has shows and plays private events, usually one a week or so. I’ll go to most of the shows and tag along to some of the events if they need extra roadie/manager assistance, but as they’ve gotten more established I’ve stepped back, especially since I need to focus on my own creative work.

Last night they were playing a private event in an out-of-the-way hippie community that has poor cell service. I knew they were playing a 45-minute set starting around 8, and it’s not unusual for them to stay for a couple hours hanging out and networking, depending on the nature of the event.


I had gotten comps to a musical (if anyone is in the LA area, go see Deaf West’s Spring Awakening at the Wallis—it’s pretty fantastic), and got home at 10:45 or so. He’s not home, not answering texts, nbd, it’s still completely reasonable that he would not be back yet. 12:15, I text him good night and let him know he can park in the garage space and go to bed. I wake up at 1:30 and he’s still not back, no word, no missed calls, no emails, nothing. I text him to get home safely and talk myself down enough to go back to sleep.

I’m not sure what time he actually got home—I woke up long enough to say hello and went right back to bed.

But fuck, GT, I was really worried about him. It took quite the force of will to not start calling hospitals. I started worst-case-scenario-ing in my head, and I had gotten as far as “burn all of our belongings and move back in with my parents if he’s dead”. And considering the hippie community is accessible only by pretty dark, twisty, dangerous roads that a lot of people drive way too fast on, there’s a higher than usual probability that something could have happened.

So it is reasonable that I’m kind of upset he didn’t find a landline or something to let me know he’d be really, really late? I’ve asked him to check in and let me know what’s up before, and I don’t really care where he goes or how late as long as I know when to expect him and when to start calling hospitals.

TL;DR: BF didn’t check in and was out super late—is being kind of upset a reasonable reaction? (Now that I write it out, yes, it absolutely is reasonable. Posting this anyway.)

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