I have two unrelated questions:

  1. My mother is convinced that I should buy my wedding dress from Etsy, because they are cheap and unique. I am not opposed to online shopping in general, but I am positive it's going to somehow be a scam and I won't be able to return something or something (even if they say you can) because that has happened to me before on something small. Am I being weird about this? Because I really want to give it a try.
  2. My microwave smells like fish because my fiancee microwaved some leftover salmon for lunch yesterday (I told him that was gonna make it all chewy!!!). I scrubbed it out with scented cleaners, that didn't work. I wiped it down with white vinegar. That didn't work. I CAN'T EVEN USE MY MICROWAVE UNTIL THIS IS SOLVED BECAUSE I WILL FREAK OUT.

What say you?