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Advocacy Training and Projects!

Just have brag about my awesome Saturday: I went to a day-long advocacy training workshop! It was a really great experience. Most of the training was about how to create a message for an issue, and how to effectively deliver it. Met a whole ton of new people, had some great conversations, and left feeling ALL the empowered.

Communication can be seriously lacking in my field (there's a reason why the 'angry environmentalist' stereotype exists), and I've been wanting to figure out ways to improve environmental discourse for a long time.

If you guys want any more details on the training, I'd be happy to share.

The second thing I wanna talk about are environmental advocacy projects on the topics of climate change and energy. These are highly charged topics that I've been interested in for a long time, and I'm trying to figure out how to put together some sort of media project that integrates personal narratives, history, and solutions to these problems. I'm thinking of doing some sort of test run of this type of project, possible as a prelude to my senior thesis next year. Anyone have any ideas on things to address or way to go about this?


Thanks all! I hope you guys have awesome Sundays!

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