Despite my nickname having been derived from Pollyanna, I don't consider myself to be an optimist. I am high strung and my default setting feels like it's "OMG PANIC!" I mean, I suppose it really isn't, but it feels that way sometimes.

Earlier this week, I posted frustration over my stupid health issues which have been very limiting in the past. I acknowledged in that post that "I am failing" wasn't a logical response to the first setback in five months. That I should be focusing on "WOW, I went five months without any significant problems!"

I'm happy to say that despite not being able to drive for the past four days, and having to stay home from the office today...I'm still able to keep that as my attitude. The driving force behind my stress was that time off from work now = not being able to go home to New England the first week of July. Well, you know what? I can't go home the first week of July due to the time I needed to take. But know what else? I can go home a DIFFERENT week. CRISIS FUCKING AVERTED!

So, I'm home from work today, looking at funny pictures on Pintrest, chilling with PollyDog, and am not beating myself up for being lazy (this always happens, and I started doing it this morning, but nope, am not doing it now), and I will probably eat french fries.


Here is a resting Doge