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Affordable Care Act: Stupid Questions

Disclaimer: I support the ACA and believe the things Obama says as truth.

Because I am generally so confused as to how the healthcare system normally works, I'm ultra-confused about Obamacare. I understand what it is implementing and (generally) why. I get a little confused upon how it fits into the whole system. What I do not understand is that there are a lot of reports of people getting notices that they are being forced to choose new insurance, that copays and premiums are rising, etc. as a result of Obamacare, which is supposed to be in direct conflict with the promises made. I believe the people telling me this stuff (they are not like, Tea Baggers on my Facebook), so I want to know:

Wussup with this? Is it temporary? Are the insurance companies just throwing fits to prove Obama wrong (my liberal conspiracy theorist brain says)? Again, I really don't think the people reporting this on my Facebook or on my...Face are making it up and they are certainly not anti-Obama crusaders.


My own experience: I have independent health insurance, and while my premium didn't go up, the website had a disclaimer about some people's premiums going up because of the ACA (and then they took it down so I can't prove it to you!).

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