Hey lovely Internet friends,

I've got a very dear friend who has a whole slew of mental health concerns that I constantly worry she fails to treat. We were talking tonight and she mentioned that she was threatened at work, her sister is turning to her for help after having a friend murdered and some other major things. I said, as I always say when she complains to me about overwhelming anxiety and depression, that my personal opinion is that she should have a regular therapist. Objective outside parties who are paid to listen to you and help you think through your life are pretty great! But she says that her job's insurance isn't great and therapists are too expensive.

I'm pretty lucky, since I'm a student at a big university I get free mental health care at student health services. But she's a real adult thousands of miles away in Miami. Any suggestions on resources I could direct her to? New York has plenty of places that offer sliding scale fees or other non-traditional payment options, is that a thing in Miami too?

I know that she probably won't go even if I give her information, but I'll feel better knowing that I did something at least. Anything is helpful, if only to make me feel calmer.