Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, there’s mixed info about what’s going to happen to Groupthink should the High and Mighty Beings of Gawker decide to burn this whole site down for kicks and giggles. For now, it doesn’t sound like Groupthink is going to explode. Yet. But just mentioning the possibility made me wonder what would happen if Groupthink should explode, and what the general Plan B is. Even though I’m a newly minted author here, I’ve been lurking around for years, and I’d be really sad if one day the community here was just gone. I like hearing everyone’s stories, and it would be weird for your voices to just vanish.

So, this thread is for you if you want to mention sites you could be found at, or you have ideas where the new colony of Groupthink could end up. You don’t need to doxx yourself, but if you have other blogs or twitters or tumblrs or whatever you’re cool with sharing with us, that would be nice. :)


For my part, if Kinja ever dies, my Tumblr presence surely won’t. I use the same username there I use here, and I also have a (little updated) Wordpress blog of the same name.

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