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After spending 4 days at Disney World and 2 days at Universal

I know dislike people even more than I did a week ago. And I really, really disliked people a week ago.

Also, I have never been happier to be child free. I tried keeping track of the tantrums, meltdowns and just general asshole-ish-ness of so many of the kids there but I am unable to count that high. At first I tried to pass this off as tired, over stimulated children but this shit was going on at 9 freaking a.m.

But, even though I am not a kid person at all, the checked-out parents I saw really pissed me off. So many parents in line with their kids were totally ignoring them and were exclusively focused on their cell phones and online lives. The kids were trying to engage and get their parent's attention but all they got was a short nod, perfunctory, grudging attention or an annoyed look / sharp word.


And I don't even want to get started on people pushing huge strollers that never seemed to have a damn kid in them. Noklew said that they were being used as wheelbarrows full of merch and crowd battering rams instead of child transportation. One family thought it was so cute that their toddler was pushing her own stroller through a very dense crowd. I found myself wishing very bad things would happen to those people.

I'm so tired, annoyed and sore that most of this shit isn't even making sense. I can't seem to get my thoughts and words from my brain to my fingers.

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