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I wish I did not read this comic series. I thought the zombie part was ok. But it really drove hard the part of Riverdale that as far as I can remember never been hinted at.

Ok I have really read any Archie comic made post 2000 so maybe this is all been known since 2000.

The Blossom twins, who I do not even recall much, it was not even hinted at but it was an incestious relationship. It was cringeworthy especially Jason.


I never knew Betty had a sister Polly in flashbacks it was revealed Polly was in an abusive relationship. Then Betty’s parents had to hospitalize her.

Sabrina’s aunts in flashbacks dating to WW2 agreed to keep Riverdale safe from modern world with the lives of the three oldest children. I loved the aunts. Now?


Archie comics at times in the past flirted with nonsexual incest. Veronica is definately an Elektra. Sometimes it seemed Mr Lodge treated Veronica like a wife more then daughter. Yet never sexual.

It just seemed like the writers wanted to strip away the innocence in the comics yet destroyed the appeal. Its good to modernize the comics but I felt my memories being warped. The zombie storyline just seems a way to strip the innocence. I read through book 8. It was riveting to read and well written I wish I didn’t read it.