Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Afternoon Chat- Open Thread

Hey, GT. Heeeeeeey.

How are you this fine Friday afternoon, which also happens to be Samhain? Keeping well? I am on a lot of cold medicine so I'm having a hard time completing thoughts. Which is okay, because it is absolutely dead at work. This week has been a something. I've been a hibernating bear, which sucks because I adore Halloween and I have missed out on several things I would have been down like a clown to enjoy.
But tonight I am strappin' into my corset, grabbing my bull whip and dressing like a lion tamer again! *pch* That was whip sound.

How is everyone doing? Share, complain. Post new gifs.
It's fire side chat time with a super high Wombat.


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