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Afternoon Fuck It Friday

FUCK this week and having to navigate sneaky co-worker BS. Today sneaky co-worker tried to take one of my jobs AGAIN and sent out an email saying I was out so she will take over - Ummm - was NOT out - was in my boss’ cube talking. So I politely asked her in the future to NOT do this and make sure me or my boss are in office prior to trying to take any of my jobs over. She cutesy laughed and pretended she didn’t knowwwww so sorryyyyyyy. Yeah, no. STEP. OFF. This is the third time she has done something like this so I am keeping a paper trail for in case she does it a fourth time to take to her manager. She is a right-out-of-school super competitive who hasn’t learned how to politic at work and respect other’s projects since she’s chomping at the bit to get on more senior level projects - she’s just doing it in the wrong way. Gahhhh, just glad I said something finally to her and will monitor if she does this again to pull in someone else to deal.

Tomorrow my GF and I were going to do Goat Yoga but it’s fullll ughhhhhh! Has anyone done this? We would be first timers.


How was your week? Any weekend plans? 

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