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Afternoon music and who remembers? New Englanders you should

Who recalls one of the best djs ever? A man who took a work of music and instead of just playing the record would describe the music, give a bit of history of the musician and describe it as long as it takes? Come on New Englanders especially Bostonians. Ok maybe only oldsters remember him. Robert J. Lurtsema. He was a long time dj for WGBH Classical. Each morning and for many years seven mornings in a row he would start the day with the sound of birds the show was called Morning Pro Musica andwent from 1971 well into the 90s. Well a person took Morning Pro Musica intro from MPM LP and incorporated it with Handels Arrival of Queen of Sheba. The second half incorporates Handels work with birds singing. First half is all birds. Second half is better but all of it is extremely relaxing to hear. So does MPM and Lurtsema ring any bells. For me growing up my mother had me do homework early Saturday so she could listen to Robert and relax or she would go down stairs wicked early to listen to his show, before I or her mother woke. Who else grew up listening to him. For a few years his show went nationwide.


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