Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Of course the week I want to make a bunch of phone calls to representatives is also the week that I completely lose my voice due to viral laryngitis. At least I don’t have to work today because it’s pretty hard to do therapy with kids when you sound like a walking plague/Darth Vader (when you sound like anything at all, I’m pretty literal about ‘losing voice’ here).

Talk about whatever. Preferably things a little more cheerful if you have them, but I know there’s not a whole lot of that going around these days.

I’ve been watching this video whenever I feel down lately (so all the time?). Helps a little.

ETA: Just wanted to share the following text conversation I had with my dad:

Me: I have no voice.

Dad: Literally or politically?

Me: Both.


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