I’ve been kind of checked out around these parts lately, largely due to a severe and lingering cold that kicked my butt six ways from Sunday, producing a number of highly metaphorical symptoms, including serious exhaustion, an inability to concentrate very long on anything major, and a sore throat/lost voice.

So, I guess this was my body’s attempt to demonstrate solidarity with #theresistance by providing a case study of how burnout can lead you to losing your voice as a citizen? (Don’t give into trumpitis, body! Its what they want you to do!)

Anyway, I’m mostly better now and back enough to be grumpy about the HamNo post on the main page. (But not stupid enough to comment on it.)


Guys, all of the DNC Chair choices are FINE and there is not actually all that much daylight between them. Tom Perez was a highly effective Labor Secretary, is a consistent Progressive and has had nothing to do with previous DNC incarnations, so its really bullshit that he’s getting tarred with the establishment brush.

Ellison is also a really good, solid choice with a ton of the right experience and good progressive politics, and he could also fold the Bernie wing into the party, which would be helpful.

Mayor Pete (not going to attempt his last name) also seems like an intriguing candidate, although I know the least about him.

Fundamentally, it sounds like everyone is agreement about the basic steps that the Dems need to take, in so far as they need to show up in every state and build from the ground up. So can we fucking cool it with this right now?


If you want to be mad about something related to Democratic establishment politics, get pissed about this:


Anyway, talk amongst yourselves, if the spirit so moves you.