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Todays song was going to be At 17 an introspective song about lonliness and aliemation that teens go through. I found Janice Ian's other song. This song is dfferent and very powerful. Until last night I never heard the song. First listen I concentrated on the music and sound. Second time the song hit me. Its about a teenager who is dating an African American male. Her mother calls him "boy" and not by his name, classmates and teachers deride the relationship. Even the minister. She realizes its not their time and she concludes by saying she is "Society's Child". The first is sung when Janice is young in the late 1960s the second is sung by Janice circa 60. The first is sad, introspective the scond their is an anger and regret. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yW_rYL…

My question is has anyone read Janice Ian's science fiction. She wrote a few short stories and even edited a book with Mike Resnick a SF book of stories based on her songs


Update alsothe song itself. What do you make of the ending. Is she using the phrase Society's Child as pointing out some young people will use that they are just goimg with the norms of society no matter how bad the norm is. I see the character in the song using it as an out. Thoughts?

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