Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

- I am composing this one handed while my one month old sleeps on my arm. He is pale and pink and perfect right now. Why can’t he shift this perfection to 3-7 am, when he prefers to scream?

- Parent message boards are wild. They’ve never made me more grateful (as women constantly complain about their shit husbands/fiances/boyfriends who don’t help with the kids or household. My husband gets annoyed when I thank and praise him because “I shouldn’t be applauded for taking care of my own wife and kid”), but they’ve also made me judgey (perhaps someone who says their kids are “so smart they get board in public school” is not the best candidate for homeschooling their child)

- Am I a garbage person? If I use a spoon just to stir something, or a knife just to cut an apple or something, I will often just run it under hot water and put it back. You can feel free to affirm I am garbage, I probably won’t change anything.


- in the season premiere of Glow, the Challenger explosion happens, and the characters/world are shaken. I think if this happened today it would get maybe 2 days in the news cycle and certainly wouldn’t be a “Where were you when it happened” moment. We’d move on and forget in a week or two. Agree/disagree?

This post brought to you by 4 hours of sleep

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