What’s up today, y’all?

Tomorrow begins the Sephora sale for VIB members (20% off your total purchase). Anybody thinking of getting any goodies for yourself or gifts for others? I know we discussed this in a thread last week, but the sale starts tomorrow so I thought I’d refresh your memory. You’re welcome. ;)

Also, speaking of events coming up, thanksgiving is in two weeks. If you’re cooking, what are you making? My mom and I are making a standing rib roast with horseradish sauce. I’m SO STOKED. If you’ve got any good, easy appetizer recipes, toss ‘em my way, I like to have stuff to snack on all day while cooking a big meal, so I’m looking for something like a good dip recipe or little snacky warm things.


The weather here has been bananas- 42 degrees and rainy one day and then back up to 78 and full sun 12 hours later. My nose is very sniffly as a result so I’m taking the nuke it from space approach with my inhaler, dayquil, mucinex, etc, because I have a choir concert tonight. I’m one of 5 first sopranos in a group of 90 so I need to be able to get up in the stratosphere without sounding like a chain smoker. Luckily my voice doesn’t seem to be affected so far, but I’m going to be good and avoid dairy today to be safe.

Chat about whatever.